Your Health is Our Priority

At Westminster Ortho Med Clinic, the needs of the patient are always paramount. We empower you with the knowledge and advice to make the right decision.

We are Honest

We give you honest advice about your condition, your choices, and your appropriateness.

We Make Things Easy

We aim to make your treatment easy and hassle-free while keeping you up to date at your convenience.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team members are recognized experts in their chosen special fields and regularly perform complex procedures.

Clinical Excellence

Westminster Ortho Med Clinic is committed to exceptional standards of services in clinical quality and treatment, from your first appointment to recuperation. We provide patients with all they need before commencing treatment. Our specialists go to great lengths to help you to understand your condition, the choice of treatment, and the associated benefits and risks. The professional standards maintained within the practices are monitored and accredited through a nationally recognized framework and all members of staff supporting our specialists are trained to the highest standards.

Individual Focus

Everything we do is with your needs in mind. We establish individualized treatment plans and provide attentive hands-on care. We spend quality time showing you how to help yourself. We empower you with the knowledge to take control of your health. We treat you with kindness, honesty, and respect that you deserve.


Optimizing your recovery means we need to work as a team. We send a detailed plan of care to your physician after our initial evaluation and send monthly notes to update your physician on your progress.


We are available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can book your appointment at your convenience. We accept all major health insurance plans.

Our Aim

The aim of the practice is to provide a fast, personal service in all aspects of your medical needs. The practice enables consultants from established, specialist services to offer a ‘one-stop’ and diagnosis and treatment facility.

This allows cross-referral to another consultant or specialist when required which simplifies the process and speeds up treatment.

Referred patients requiring treatment can be promptly seen and assessed about their medical condition. Treatment is given without any delays.

This group offers a partnership of excellence in surgical and non-surgical techniques, allowing patients to return to a pain-free and fulfilled lifestyle. Specialists’ care and treatment are from recognized leaders in their chosen fields, at both national and international levels.

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