Functional training is a rehabilitation strategy when performed by a physical therapist to train patients to be able to carry out the physical movements and duties in their daily life. 

The main purpose is to recover the musculoskeletal system and regain strength and function to perform active daily living tasks such as personal care activities, like showering or dressing, to housekeeping or home maintenance activities, like cleaning, putting dishes away, or doing yard work, to activities you need to do for work independently and pain-free. 

Most of us have our routines so different activities will be performed from person to person so the functional Training plan will be formed by the Physical Therapist to fit the patient’s needs by considering the overall health, present injuries, and performed activities and it must include a variety of exercises that are essential for optimal posture, mobility, and strength.

Functional training can help with things like:

  • Lifting and carrying heavy weights by strengthening your back and legs.
  • Picking up something from the floor or getting up and down from a chair by doing squats.
  • Keep you balanced and protect you from falls in the workplace by stability and balance exercises.
  • Improve your posture while sitting at your desk or behind the wheel of a car or truck by strengthening your core and upper body.
  • Improving your grip objects and tools you need to use for work by working on strengthening your hand muscles.
  • Reaching objects from overhead cabinets or shelves by doing the overhead lifting.

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