Westminster International Patient Support

Westminster Clinic is committed to provide its clients with a wide range of exceptional and complex treatment and surgeries in the independent healthcare provider sectors in the UAE.

Having Collaborated with highly skilled and internationally experienced surgeons in various countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and UAE and has treated patients from all over the world for more than 25 years and Partnering with hospitals equipped with most advanced and innovative technologies, we are committed to provide our patients with highest quality care and treatments that meet individual needs and optimize recovery.

Services Offered:

  • Online Consultations
  • Medical or Surgical treatment
  • A second medical opinion to confirm or deny the established diagnosis and treatment
  • Annual Checkups to ensure good health
  • Nutritional medicine counseling and patient-tailored diet plans
  • Mental Health online services

Before your Trip:

Our team of experts will liaise with you to obtain the medical history and any reports for our expert physicians to confirm diagnosis and to provide the best and the most accurate service and treatment options for you according to your medical needs and expectations through an pre-interview video/telephone consultation at your convenience.

  • Consultation with a suitable specialist
  • Selection of a hospital establishment and a specialist as per your medical needs
  • Estimation of medical costs
  • Administrative support for the formalities for obtaining a visa.
  • Administrative support with Insurance coverage for planned treatment

During your Stay:

    • Administrative support on arrival, transportation, and accommodation
    • Pre-assessment consultation with the physician prior to the treatment
    • Administration support in the care structure with an interpreter if necessary
    • Administration support during hospitalization and discharge
    • Follow up care post treatment

After the treatment:

    • Post-op follow up consultation with the medical team
    • Organization of the return
    • Preparation of the discharge medical file (medical reports, orders).
    • Administrative and financial management
    • Administration support in Follow-up plan
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