Reflexology is a complementary therapy technique that applies gentle pressure to your feet or hands to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body’s own healing process. 

Reflexology is based on the idea that the glands, organs, and parts of the body are reflected in specific reflex areas on the hands, feet, and ears. Applying pressure to these specific points can reduce pain and anxiety and promote circulation, relaxation, and healing in the body. The most common form of reflexology is foot reflexology. The stimulation of reflex areas in the foot triggers a response in corresponding organs, promoting healing in that area of the body.

What Does Reflexology Treat?

Reflexology is reported to be effective in reducing tension and stress throughout the body by initiating the relaxation response. It also is effective at improving nerve and blood supply throughout the body by facilitation the functioning of the nervous and circulatory system.

Reflexology also helps the body to normalize by promoting balance and a state of harmony between the body, mind and emotions. It is also beneficial for issues relating to reproduction and fertility, digestion, anxiety, and insomnia.

Reflexology does not treat specific conditions and is not a substitute for medical treatment and care. Reflexologists do not diagnose illness based on the treatment they provide.

Benefits of Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology Therapy may ease:

  • Anxiety among people who’ve had heart surgery
  • Pain during labor
  • Arthritis pain
  • Some symptoms of multiple sclerosis, like fatigue and uncomfortable skin sensations
  • Emotional and physical pain caused by cancer
  • Improve sinus issues
  • Relieve back pain
  • Ease constipation
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improved Body Function
  • lift mood and give a feeling of well being
  • Improve hormonal and digestive issues 

Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance and facilitate healing. For each person, the application and the effect of the therapy are unique. Sensitive, trained hands can detect tiny deposits and imbalances and by working on these points, the Reflexology Therapist can release these blockages.

Reflexology is one of the safest and least invasive complementary therapeutic practices available.


  • Reflexology works on energy pathways similar to acupuncture
  • Pressing certain points on the feet is thought to help release energy blockages and restore balance in the body
  • Reflexologists believe that certain points on the feet correspond to organs in the body

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