Orthopedics Services

Orthopaedics is the diagnosis and treatment of bone, joints, and skeleton-related problems.

Our orthopaedic consultants specialize in various parts of the body such as hips, knees, ankles, hands, feet, shoulders, and elbows.

Services offered by our Orthopedic Consultants are:

  1. General Orthopedic Non- Surgical care
  2. Treatment and management of:
    • Head and Neck Pain
    • Herniated discs and degenerative disc disease
    • Elbow and shoulder pain
    • Knee joint pain
    • Hip joint pain
    • Sciatica/Radiculopathy (pinched nerve)
    • Peripheral neuropathy (Diabetic nerve pain)
    • Myofascial (Muscular) pain
    • Pelvic pain
  3. Foot and Ankle injuries and treatment
  4. Arthroscopic Surgeries
  5. Arthritis Management
  6. Treatment of Sports Injuries
  7. Simple and Complex Trauma Care
  8. Bone Tumor treatment
  9. Joint Replacement Surgery
  10. Foot clinic for congenital or acquired deformities
  11. Diabetic Foot clinic and total care
  12. Treatment of Degenerative Disease of Hip, Knees, and shoulder joints.
  13. Meniscal and Ligament injuries
  14. Hip and Knee Joints replacement and Adult Reconstruction surgeries
  15. Sports Medicine Services
  16. Post Traumatic care

Paediatric Services:

  1. Paediatric Fractures or Dislocations
  2. Management of Flat foot, club foot (Ponseti/surgery) / DDH (Brace/Pelvic & femoral osteotomy)/ Perthes/ knock knee / bowed leg/ cerebral palsy (brace/tendon release), CVT.
  3. Complex musculoskeletal trauma treatment
  4. Surgical management of acute fractures of the upper/lower limbs/delayed or nonunion.
  5. Reconstruction/meniscectomy/ankle arthroscopy.
  6. Management of chronic tendinopathy.

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