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The past couple of years weren’t exactly what anyone could have predicted. With the coronavirus pandemic, routines were disrupted, and many people started to work from home. The commute time was put back into their jobs. Those who couldn’t work remotely began investing a lot more time and care into trying to stay safe and protecting others. This new working challenge during a crisis has left many of us depleted over the long term.

For most, it affected their physical health and negatively impacted their weight as well as mental wellbeing. This demands a re-prioritization of self-care. That commute time needs to convert to wellness time. We need to take better care of ourselves moving forward, and that might entail a bit of creativity.

Keeping this in mind, we have launched “Westminster Wellness Services” to promote the overall Physical and Mental Well-being of an individual. This therapeutic strategy enables each practitioner, often in conjunction with the patient, to contribute their knowledge and expertise towards providing individualized healthcare plans through a holistic approach by educating individuals, families, and communities on health promotion, disease prevention, public health issues, and appropriate care-seeking.

Westminster Wellness services will consist of:

1) Executive Comprehensive Health Assessment. Our expert physicians will do an annual health assessment to help you ensure optimal health.  During this consultation, the physician will conduct a medical assessment (summary of diagnosis and laboratory investigations), a fitness and nutritional assessment, and help set wellness goals with you from year to year. A custom-built wellness plan will be provided to you.

2) Comprehensive weight loss program.  Get an in-depth analysis of your current metabolic state with our 3D body scanner and get access to the most evidence-based, sustainable medically supervised weight loss program.  Ideal for those with a BMI of 24-30. This Approach is customized and may include dietician and physician counseling, regular checkups, exercise program, medications, fat dissolves, and body sculpting treatments.

3) Integrative Medicine Consultation. Integrative medicine is the evidence-based evaluation and integration of alternative treatment options. Our integrative medicine team is qualified and licensed professionals who will Collaborate with patients in developing and carrying out a health screening and management plan for disease prevention, and treatment using conventional and complementary therapies when indicated.

Services Provided by the Westminster Wellness team are:

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